Part of the preparation for the removal of asbestos containing materials is by complying with the Asbestos Removal Code. They turned up on-time and took us through how and what they were going to do. Even though the external vynyl cladding made removing the asbestos much harder, they worked even longer hours and finished the job within the allotte… Read More

In response to the new laws introduced in 2003, the MPMSAA - with financial assist from WorkSafe Victoria - has launched into an Asbestos Awareness and Education Program to send a message to each plumber about the hazards of asbestos and to encourage improved compliance with new Victorian OH&S (Asbestos) rules and safe asbestos administration pract… Read More

Following on from WorkCover NSW issuing a prohibition order on building panels containing asbestos imported from China, WorkSafe Victoria has released a SAFETY ALERT relating to asbestos in imported building panels.I feel very sure that these tiles are a lot older than 2009 because the gentlemen who owned the home has had respiratory points for a f… Read More

CCF Victoria lately placed a story in E-News concerning the current implementation of the WorkSafe Asbestos Cement (AC) Water Pipe Management Guideline.Materials containing bonded asbestos are known to be much less dangerous than loosely-sure materials, and they are often handled with more ease. However, firmly-certain materials can develop into lo… Read More